Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hades' Realm

In the Greek Myths
There were gods and heroes
And they could venture to Hell
They could find their lost loves
Or speak to lost foes
It was a domain of the dead
But it was not permanent
Hades could be moved
To free the residents
Of his land
Odysseus of the war in Troy
Visited the realm
And spoke to the ghosts
Of lost heroes
Heracles was one
Killing Cerberus the three head dog
Lost souls from old men to boys
Women to girls
Waiting and asleep
Ready to be redeemed
Orpheus ventured there
To rescue his love
A daughter of Apollo
With sweet song Hades said yes
But Orpheus broke the rules
And she was lost forever to him
But today Hades is made of fire
To punish
To destroy