Sunday, June 4, 2017

Black Sails, Poisoned Arrows

After it was begun
We were forced
To learn fear and despair
When the tides of the ocean
Brought black sailed vessels
Filled with wild men
Who were born to fight
To become one with warfare
We saw our warriors die
They used poisoned arrows
They fought without honor
We were undone after they came
After the invasion had come
Kublai Khan was powerful
Khan of the steppes
His riders were evil
The Devil's Horsemen
They were called
We were fighting
To defend our land and kin
We learned who was mighty
Not the sailors of China
The builders of Korea
Nor the Devil's Horsemen
Our numbers thinned
We had no hope
But we had one last weapon
It was called prayer
Mighty was our god
Who destroyed the fleets
Of black sailed ships
And they were shattered
And we were saved
By the mighty and Divine wind