Saturday, October 1, 2016


I felt shy
My nature was quiet
But with her eyes so deep
I could swim within them
How lovely her skin
The shade of crushed copper
I stood electrified nearby
Her lips full
Well and truly luscious
When she approached
I could never stop her
And my flesh was so willing
My will so very weak
She was utter beauty
In a way
That seasons try to evoke
With absolutely
No success
She is a poet's greatest note
A musician's finest piece
An affaire de coeur
She is before me
Her form is stunning
My mind screams
But with joy
The way I am moved
When I am short of air
Or confused
She is wild and I am tame
When she is near
And I am in her lair
Let me be hers
In the matter
That clay in a maker's hand
Becomes transformed
Make me into yours
With your loving care