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Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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copyright notice

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cursed by sorrow

I can't do it
No just stay away
I can't keep forgiving you
Because you steal my dreams
Like you stole my life
And you hate me anyway
What is the use?
When the pain is worse
Than the joy of living
What is the fucking use?
I always pray
Never knowing what will come
I can't go on with the grind, day after day
When the fear of dying
Doesn't scare us anymore
The hope we once had
In living together is gone
What have we been working for?
We can close our eyes and see
Everything is laid out before us
The path hasn't been easy
Our lives filled with hurt
Covered in lies
And so much worse
We've been cursed
By existence
Pain swallowing 
Our brightest days
Instead of love
I now despise
Everything about us
So wrong
The disguises we wear
The masks in this masquerade
We are actors in a final scene
Let us acknowledge
That we can't act
We never could
Our world is burning
And our emotions are gasoline
Who are you and why am I here
This well of sorrow is without end
And my grieving cannot stop
Because I thought
I was somewhere I belonged
But now I realize
The truth is a bitter seed
And the fruit must be eaten
I don't want you near
I need time and reflection
Since my future has died
With the love I have for you
And every last well intentioned
Gently whispered tender