Monday, June 15, 2015

Waiting For Hope

The ship I was on
Crashed in a storm
The remains of the ship
Scattered into the currents
I was spared any harm
But I will die
The island is living
Without an insect
Or animal
It swarms
Until my mind
Is gone
Sup upon my flesh
Drink my blood
Cook me in the sun
Take my corpse
And bury it
So that you might know
I have become undone
Without violence
Cast adrift
And forgotten
Without cutlass or gun
Sun rising, fallen moon
I have become one
With the island
Day dreams, night terrors
I am alive and awake
Watching as my ribs protrude
More and more
Someone may care
As my life
Like sand
Through my hand
But there is no hope
For a ship to save me
That is a hope
I will not muster or dare