Thursday, June 11, 2015

Theseus, One Made a Difference

There are stories in history
Of a single hero
Or ordinary person
Being the difference
One stemming the flood
Theseus meant to be
The one
He stood against
The king and his beast
A maze was kept
For the king's pleasure
A blood sport
Taking the youths
Offered in tribute
Coldly releasing them
Into a maze, a trap
Only to end with their capture
And slaughter by the beast
Known as the Minotaur
A hungry, clever, angry beast
With the head of a bull
And the body of a man
Until the next cycle
When it would happen again
Until Theseus offered to go
Despite his high status as a prince
He went in the place of another
But not to die, rather
To end the Minotaur's terror
Through wit and charisma
Through strength and guile
He defeated the beast
Ending its reign
As one to make a change to benefit all
Like others who did the same