Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The woman who is my lover

I'd felt the pain
Of loneliness
And so I made up tales
I fantasized
Ending with nothing
But the knowledge
That again I was alone
Since earliest times
I was aware
Of self deception
I could create victory
In my mind
Out of utter failing
So I became wary
I grew up in solitude
Fearful of rejection
Afraid to be broken
By love or anything else
She spoke to me
When I was hiding
Showed me attention
I didn't know
What was going on
I deeply longed for affection
But I feared being moved
Falsely moved
By that longing
So I was slow to move
Upon my deepest stirrings
Yes she is beautiful
With hair of red
and Gray blue eyes
I found out though
That she is the one
Who calls my name
I fell in love with her heart
Her looks unimportant
But thereafter
Every beautiful woman
Looked less attractive
Sans elle, je serais mort
Saying goodbye tore me apart
But time away
Only led me back again
She was my first love
And my only
I am hers
Without shame