Sunday, June 28, 2015

My name is Worthless

He was called worthless
And told that
He'd Never
Be worthy of love
From the first moments
Before even his catastrophic birth
He knew
From the womb
The world was not his home
Closer indeed, yes, to a tomb
His mother threw him back
Abandoned, and hungry
He was a foundling
Ignored, barely fed,
Told constantly to shut up
He looked upon this
From the very first
Circumstance, Fate, Chance, Disaster
And had to assume
He was cursed
But despite that
He never stopped hearing a voice
In the inside of his heart
That told him to ignore the fools
The world was a moment
Eternity is time without end
This journey whatever he was enduring
Was not where his journey would end
Instead it had to be a beginning
One without a view of a goal
Nor of the final days
Only a time of truth
All he had was that voice inside
The world around him
Told him that
He had been given to a land
Who did not love, who did not care
Who would not be moved
Who would not provide
Care, Beauty, Kindness
Or Time to grieve
So he knew
His home
Would have to be found
Far from this place
Even if this was
A simple taste
Of the world
That one taste betrayed
A world of

He could tell it was not home
Far closer indeed to hell
Albeit without the populace
Being aware surely
His home was far away
And his journey
Would continue