Monday, June 22, 2015

A Desert walk

You can tell people
That the world is beautiful
That it is a savage land
And unforgiving
It is a pristine blue marble
Set upon a star covered sky
Truly exquisite
But beyond its beauty
Beyond its primal core
Where people live
It is empty
And desolate
Where their world
Has been chained
Mutilated and enslaved
The world elsewhere
Refuses to be silent
It is eloquent
Powerful and quiet
Without our awareness
Because of our ignorance
Human nature is perfectionist
We hate what we cannot change
We will become an artifact
Extinct as a species
Trying to change the earth
But until then
I am walking to nowhere
Where the world is delicate
Needing my soft hands
And nature
But I am alone there
And the desolation
Is my reminder
That I prefer