Monday, June 29, 2015

In the End Everybody wants

Wants their lover to be loyal
Every lover
Wants their love to be true
Every broken heart
Comes with a recoil
At the thought of the loss
Of something good
Of something pure
And worth the tears
Of the pain
Grieving heart
You can find hope
The world is unforgiving
But my love is solid
And others might
Be fleeting
But I am steady
My love
Your spirit is woven
With my own
And the tapestry
We weave
Is created whole
From two hearts
In love forever
What might be threads
Are silk and whole
Together they complete the fabric
Without flaw
Without any missing stitch
Making the work
One with its parts
And never losing its way
However the world is
Whoever is rich
Whoever is poor
Love supersedes
When the soul needs