Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It is said
We all bow before
The one we serve
Whether it is money
Or love
Until we are dead

But our service goes further
The angels serve their purpose
Made by an all powerful creator

The kings of the world all fall down
When their lives are turned dust
They bow will before their maker

The beasts, the men, the women
The unborn, the beggar, the wounded
The priest and the child
All fall before the altar of the one
Who tames the heart of the wild

I am a knight
I possess weapons and steel
And can take life by my hand
In the name of my king's will
His campaign and victory
My body is offered
For the land
Still, I lay my sword before
The one who redeems me
Of my pain

When death seems the master
Even it bows
After its devastation
All bow before the one
Who gave them purpose
By his creation