Thursday, July 3, 2014

Your Machinations

Please do it
Just declare victory
You might say I'm wrong
But I know you
And I know you never loved me
It is without question the truth
Whatever your protestations
I have seen the proof
I was just your momentary fling
That is, a fickle swing of affection
You don't seem to care
But I am sure you understand
I am broken by your machinations
From the beginning I knew
You saw my heart as vulnerable
And you said we were friends
In an act of deflection
But you are one who is
Ruthless in love and life
You ran through my defenses
You took no prisoners
Your motives all too selfish
With all of your see through intentions
I surrendered
You won
You broke me
Declare victory
You don't care
You drove me senseless
Broke my trust
All because you wanted
My attention
Then you refused to end your game
Until my heart was crushed