Friday, July 25, 2014

Believe in me

I realize that I have no control
Over anyone but me
So as it has begun
You might like to know
I am not so foolish as to give
My heart to just anyone
But to one
Like you
And that love will redeem
You are woven intricately
Into my soul
You are not just anyone
I do not go
Where the wind might blow
Nor without thought
My heart has room
For you
And no one else
If you need proof
That I am true
I promise
You will see
My words are my bond
My feelings are real
Are you Doubting Thomas?
I might be a fool
For many things
But I am well aware of
Where my love is aimed
And how deep it goes
Believe in me
I am not just a part
I am the whole
In love with you