Monday, June 30, 2014

One to Love

No victories won
Yet I am near the end
Tortured and tired
Exhausted, staggering
Staring off into the sun

Normally so bright
It blinds
But my eyes
Protected by the clouds
Staring into the distance

Knowing who I am doesn't help
Some see my outside flesh
And they assume
Think I've got it easy
They don't know
I've been alone for my journey
Alone in crowds

So many people near
I've been blind
But I have seen
While I hear no sound
With my ears
Still hear it all so clearly
The screams are silent
Instead of loud
The only thing I need
Ever needed, is you

Where are you now
Where were you then
I need you near
But I've lost my way
Without your hand in mine
The path so hard to follow
All I want is to be yours
And you to me in kind

But I am alone still
With just a shadow remaining of me