Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Last Knight

Who am I to ask
What the sacrifice is for
When there is
Evidence of our decadence
The prelude to the fall
Resist the insistence
That we answer to a call
Despite the message 
Or from whom it is carried
Despite the bodies 
Already buried
Our swords we keep 
For we trust in the steel
So sharp, so cold 
Our tongues bleeding savage wit
As if we are allowed to choose
Shattered dreams of younger men
Shattered bodies of the old
Are the final remains of this
War of the confused
Am I going to rise above
Or do I wallow in discharge
Do I bring honor to him
Or shall I lay alone
Upon the river of fire's
Charnel house barge
Shall I offer my flesh
Fetid and foul
Or perhaps you desire
My final breath
Then take me now, take me
So that I can prevent the rape
First of my faith
Then of my flesh
By the wars of empires, whores and liars
Let me first burn upon your holy pyre