Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quest Unending

I am flawed like a mirror cracked
I am broken like a bone snapped
Dust settles as I begin to sleep
I must rest now, after all
The pain is deep
When I rise I know
It is before the throne I remain
I bow before the one who made me
Knowing that I am not done
Duty inside my heart
From when my being was begun
Born in fire of pain
Burned by life, turned to ash
Rejected by the mother's flesh
Born alone screaming
The One held me there
Giving me a task
I am a warrior who has fought
I am a poet who has spoken
I'm a sword in iron wrought
Spirit rises but
My body's broken
I am not done
No, I am not done
Creator and maker
Architect of all things
You are my way
The task you set before me
My legacy and faith
Anthems to sing
But I am not done, no
I am still fighting
And my way is known
And when you are done
With my life
It will be clear
My flesh betraying me
My world disappears
I am not done