Saturday, June 21, 2014


Sorrow haunts me
Fading desire
To survive
Now too weak
And nearly gone
Laying in bed 
Feel like dying
Wanting the unconscious
But I can't force my self
I am not that strong
Still screaming inside
Conscience still bleeding
Rolling over and over
In mental agony
Not sleeping
Another night lost
Overactive mind
Losing everything
My tears have long since dried
I can't stop thinking
My memory fades
Except for what you said
I lose when I try to face
That reality
I fade away
Wish I could forget it all
You said goodbye
And then you left
You said you don't love me
Any longer
There are no words
For the hurt I am feeling
Other than abject regret
Far too much to remember
You left me blind and deaf
Still no dreams on the way
My eyes open wide
Staring at the ceiling