Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Warning

He walked into the chamber
All the eyes gazed upon him
Some stared
For he was truly different
Perhaps unique
He was a tall Asian man
With long black hair
Dressed in the finest business suit
And upon his hand he wore a ring
With a dragon etched upon the stone
Of Jade
And he spoke to the gathering
In a voice that all remember
But cannot begin to describe
You must change your ways
The world is more than your play thing
There exist many races you do not know
Who've been watching you
Waiting for you to mature
But you are children still
Casting stones at each other
The day will soon come
When you are no longer allowed
So change your ways soon
Or you will learn
The meaning of fear
And as quickly as he entered and spoke
He left and was gone
And humanity went upon its path
Never caring for the coming wrath
And soon it will be vented
Upon this place