Monday, April 9, 2012

Vodka and cigarettes

There wasn't anything I could tell her
She'd already heard it all before
Her heart was broken and scattered
Bits and pieces of her were on the floor
She had trails of mascara down her cheeks
She cried so much over him
But she didn't love him like she thought
She loved her vodka much more

She smoked cigarette after cigarette
Saying she'd quit tomorrow
But her heart was already crushed
Like every cigarette in that ashtray
She was utterly filled of sorrow

She loved her vodka and cigarettes
But they were just fillers for her soul
She'd lost her chance to be normal
And let small things take control
She was beautiful
Yet tragic
Sad yet defiant
Thoughtless but brilliant
Frightened but bold
Her eyes were fire
But her heart was cold
She could make men hot with desire
But she was broken inside
Love had taken its toll