Monday, April 9, 2012

This Island

We might be unique
We might be alone
We live amongst an ocean of stars
Living upon our island
Blue and beautiful
Scarred by our hand
We have one chance
We have one world
To make it last
Or exhaust it
A blue planet
With a star covered horizon
This is all there is
Just the one
We can live
Or enter oblivion

Yuri Gagarin

"What beauty. I saw clouds and their light shadows on the distant dear earth.... The water looked like darkish, slightly gleaming spots.... When I watched the horizon, I saw the abrupt, contrasting transition from the earth's light-colored surface to the absolutely black sky. I enjoyed the rich color spectrum of the earth. It is surrounded by a light blue aureole that gradually darkens, becoming turquoise, dark blue, violet, and finally coal black."