Monday, April 16, 2012

War without Mercy

Locked in battle, ideological foes
They could not see beyond themselves
One side made of hardened steel
The other side of iron
And the third covered in snow
They would contest the lands
Between their armies
Within their hands

Despite the obstacles between them
Bogs and marshes, rivers vast and dangerous
Winters from the coldest levels of hell
And the enemy from here to the horizen

One side promised victory
The other side said
Not a step back
Both sides endured misery

The Gray war machine versus the Soviet Red
The dead were envied by the dying
The machines and weapons used were destroyed
All the hopes and patriotic views fled

The war of two juggernauts
The clash of leviathan
Who truly won?
Both were consumed
In the hatred of each other
Lost in the haze
Of the new wars to be begun