Friday, April 6, 2012

just another day

They say to be thankful for what you got
Because someday it might be gone
What I have now is time
And some sort of peace of mind
That I am not owned
I lost my main source of employment
I lost my wife the same day
Even my dog wanted to be with her
So I went back to the life I'd left
On the Fly, sometimes Padding the hoof
I ain't gonna do any stemming
But I ain't gonna do something to get me jailed
So I do what I can to get by
Trying to stay alive
Avoiding Johnny Law
Don't need to be respectable
I have my California blankets
Still looking though for my own slice
I am good with a shovel
And my shoes are thin soled but
They are still without holes
This life is my proof
That a man has to go his own way
Or bow before another
To earn a wage