Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Darkness and The Dragons

In the years following the encounter
Between the avatar of the dragon-kind
And the leaders of humanity
Moral decay grew worse
The fecundity of misery rose
Wars and rumors of war
The land became a mass of scars
And destruction
The path that humans chose
By its nature destroyed
So the representatives of dragon-kind
Raised their voice
And demonstrated what would cause
True fear
The oceans attacked the shores
Volcanoes screamed out lava
And the wyrm of dragon-kind
So great and powerful
Rose from the earth
And devoured the moon
Then left this place
Woe and catastrophe followed
Disease, plagues and pain
And only after 7 years
Did the dragon-kind relent
After having taught humans to kneel
The great Golden Dragon
The most divine of their kind
Rose to the empty place
Where the moon had died
And illuminated the hulk
With his aura
And the moon shined again