Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Slow movements
Betray the corpse
Of his inheritance
A slumber deep
Instead of life
Frozen beneath the winter ice
For longer than a decade
No one could ever see me
I was entombed within a fascade
The years cascaded down
Like tears
With nothing remaining
Inside my heart
From the stain of love’s hidden game
There is nothing I might do
But rise
For the length of my imprisonment
Can only demonstrate
The despair to which I was cast
Giving up all but life
Despair called my name
She lashed me about
Head and arms
But my corpse was frozen
And unfeeling
She did me no harm
So I rise now
I rise up
For there is naught else to do
I rise as if it matters
I rise as if I know what is true
I rise because the flesh is calling
My God forgive me
For all the debts I’ve accrued
That can never be repaid
While I slept
In my grave
Of the frozen sea
The sleep so deep
I barely woke
At last