Friday, September 17, 2010

Sorrow Tree

You cannot make me cry
Because there are no tears for you
(Any longer)
You didn’t leave me alone
I wasn’t left to die
You just went your way
and I lost my place
(in your life)
I’ve never been stronger
(Being with you, next to you)
Left to die alone again
I can stand and be myself, again
(Nothing then, nothing still)
Why worry, there is nothing to fear
(Loneliness, emptiness, isolation, tears)
I will sit in a tree
Climb to the highest tree branch
Sit there upon my perch
Look down on the world
Like it looked down on me
I took my chance
Gave it a whirl
And now am waiting to be
Taken up and away
Gone from this place
That wounded me
Sitting in this sorrow tree