Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In the morning wet with dew
I will seek your presence
In the day when the light is great
It is you I seek, without relent
In the evening when all is dark
I will endure, to find your light
I am going to find you
If it takes my life
I am going to know
I will find the proof
As day longs for night
I will seek your glow
For in that there is the truth
Until you are in my sight
I will possess one half a soul
There is only now
There is only this
Unless I find you there
Until I taste your kiss
My life will be undone
My life will not be complete
A journey failed and not begun
Unless I embrace your heat
In the longing for your being
I am made to know
That there is only you to seek
And when I find you
I’ll be whole
So I will seek you
I will journey on
I will find you
And when I do
I will tell you
Consume my soul
Take my heart
Quench my thirst
Let us start
To love
To love