Sunday, September 12, 2010


The knight rode for days
He couldn’t stop
He didn’t dare
He feared he’d lose her
But when he entered the glen
He knew she’d been there
He could feel her presence
He could recognize her scent
The faerie princess was not afraid
But she would not relent
She was unwilling to surrender
But she was aglow in desire
And he was hers
In the spell of her fire
Days went by
He was determined
To not let her go
Without his kiss
And he chased
He pursued
Until she stopped running
Upon an island, covered in mist
He approached her
They embraced
And the race was over
The princess had won
The heart of a lover
Her chase was performed
Without being discovered
For she was beautiful
Wise and clever
And because she was good
She released him
Or else he’d been lost
In her passions