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I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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copyright notice

Sunday, December 11, 2016


All my waking life
And my pathetic awareness
Of simply being
I was passion's slave
A victim of my own hand
And desires unnatural
Causing inner strife
And unchained demons
Unleashed from the prison
I run as if I damned
Because I know how they tempt
And that no one will save
I don't recognize reason
As your beauty commands
Me to come
Serve at your feet
Kiss your ring
Desire your touch
But I linger in the thought
I hold you in contempt
I know I can't resist
Your desire to make me bend
Forever in misery
Condemn me to history
And I remain
Just your slave
And I hate
That I have no say
In my destruction
And decay