Wednesday, December 7, 2016

she waits until I become

I have to find
A place of grace
A path of mercy
I have been here
For as long as I've lived
My life journey
Does not terminate
In a distant land
Rather it is a reckoning
And to find forgiveness
Where I arrive
I've never left
But my life is new
A metamorphoses
From unknowing
To knowing
From selfish
To giving
And I will become
But I am only now
I will cherish
Every wound
For it taught me
And I will enter
A realm
Where I will never perish
Nor need to be forgiven
I am broken
I am flawed
But I am going to find
My path
It will lead me
To a place
Where she waits
When I become perfected
And my flesh burns away
All that will be left
Is gold
Leave my bones
At the house charnel
Time will pass
And my spirit will be