Tuesday, December 13, 2016

History weeps for Syria

The clash has been carried on
Most bestially
Since time began
The land was a crossroads
Of empires and states

And now it writhes in agony
Uncounted years
Endless are the days
For those who are caught
In the crossfire
In the wars of empire
The Romans once walked there
The Persians before them
And now, for this land
There are no survivors or hope

The battle has been raging
For millennia and more
Hatred and vile enemies
Clash over ideas
Over beliefs
Over the control
Of resources
A harvest of enmity
Without pause
No grieving allowed
Aleppo has drowned
Beneath the misery
Palmyra is lost
Nimrud is wasted

For the false messiah
Of a land in war
Crossroads of antiquity
Home of sorrow
In the present
And what does the future hold
But lingering souls
Waiting for death