Thursday, December 8, 2016

PTSD Hunts me down like prey

Chased by my past
My memories should never be
So deeply burned as if on purpose
They say it won't last
But my history says I know it will be
And I will be the beast bearing this burden
They chase me into the wilderness
Following my tracks left in the snow
And I know, it will hurt
The wolves represent the bitterness
Haunting me worse than any murder of crows
I am, I know, I am cursed
So I offer no defense
As the teeth rip and pull
The blood is everywhere
And I know without pretense
My cup was spilled while full
I have nothing else to compare
My life is broken
Despite my victories
My body fades
And I confound mysteries
By knowing
All my sins were real
But while I realize
I also know
There is no where I can go
Not even home