Thursday, December 22, 2016

Open up your heart and your eyes

Whatever you've been told
The day is long enough
And you are not too old
Tomorrow is not lost to this day
Society doesn't have to decay
Who are we to throw the world away
When there is so much more
That can be done
To save it
To save us
Open the door
And accept my hand
Let us be united
In the resistance
To the end
We have so much
We can do
Don't turn your face
From the darkness
We have to fight
The darkness within us
And the darkness out
Of this
Not tomorrow
Time is of the essence
And our work is waiting
For our hands
And heart
And eyes
Wake up
To a new way
To deal with the lies
To deal with the spectacle
Of the outside world
And escape
From the tentacles
Of greed
Of hate
Waste and insane