Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stygian dreams

Why do we do it
Bow before the altar
And say a prayer
For all of us
The dead and dying
The living and crying
For those who know
And those who don't 
To spend the time
Finding out
What is worth your life
Or your soul inside
Why do we spend all this worry
And all the love
And care
Only to throw it all away
On things that do not matter
Memories scattered
Insignificant moments
That lead instead
To torrents of pain
That never leave
And grieving
That never stops
When our the hearts break
When our lives hurt
And we take
Our lives away
Into the black of oblivion
The bleeding begins
Our children fall away
This life is broken
Our mirror is shattered
Nothing remains
Our world becomes Stygian
And our lives
Simply thrown away