Saturday, June 4, 2016


I've been the pretender
To the throne of lies
I've been the prince
Wearing a disguise
In the presence
Of majesty
I am
Pretense is my talent
Immorality is my skill
Learned from years of trying
Never winning
Never dying
I kept walking up the hill
To sit upon that throne
Built upon the dead
Who never gave up the spirit
After years of selfish pain
Now dust and bones
And nothing more
I am a pretender
Forsaken son of the world
I am a curse
Physically dismembered
Removed from humanity
I remember
A child who believed
In the truth
Only to learn
There is none
We are here
To turn
Take one final repast
From our flesh
Or burn inside our soul
Until we learn control
And escape the curse
Of the first breath
That leads to the last