Sunday, June 19, 2016

His name is Quinby

Recently, just over the gray seas
A Celtic warrior was taken
To the graylands of the dead
He was not a perfect specimen
Short, modest of build
But what a life he led
Head full of hair
Spring in his step
He was full of life
Full of love
Lived every day
To the fullest
And when he came
To the Gwyn Ap Nudd's domain
He told the lord of the land
His name
He said
I am Quinby
I am not going to be here long
I had my share of life down there
And when I've that here
I'll sing you a song
And head off to a new world
And have that new domain
As my own
As this one I did
I am Quinby
Remember me
I live my lives

Dedicated to my comrade Edmund Quinby, artist, friend