Monday, June 20, 2016

Her Screams were Ignored

Her screams ignored
Her resistance crushed
Her sorrow
My life
His anger
His lust
My entry
She still carried me
To the term
I had a gift
of life yet
I never knew her pain
I was born screaming
I announced my presence
My existence
When I was awakened
I came out of her womb
But not from her
She had unspoken wounds
Her dreams
They'd become a tomb
Because of the lust
Of a man
Who refused to accept
A woman's answer no
He showed her no mercy
And the world
Took her child
And forgave nothing
Envy, regret, anger
Sorrow hardens the heart
The world resists anything
Who longs to be whole
One who knew what was done
 Reached forth a hand
Something beautiful
Was begun
Of grace
Poured upon me
First by her
Then by the one
Who reached out his hand