Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zeus Lover and Admirer

Would it be love?  Was it Lust?
Something beyond us?
Something divine?
Or something
That destroys trust
Zeus All Father
Great leader of the Gods
Spied a young boy
The most beautiful
In all creation
Zeus was troubled
Then knowing
He could no longer exist
Without the touch of that boy
He felt compelled
That without the boy
He'd forever drift
Without the touch
Quickened in his heart
He could not resist
The image in his mind
Of the human so beautiful
Named Ganymede
So he created a form
Of an eagle with which to trick
The youth by asking for water
Then drawing near
And growing close
Then stole him away
To exalted Olympus
Some say it was out of passion
Directly it was romance
Others that it was from
An artist's heart of admiration
For perfection of beauty
Neither distinctions matter
For the youth's father
Lost his son
The beautiful youth
Although given blessings
Was lost to his family
And normality
Never to knew
What it was like
To be human
To love, to live, even die
After visiting