Thursday, May 19, 2016

Birth to Death

I have become
An insomniac
Morality lapse
I cannot sleep
For the nightmares
In the world that approaches
Are we blind
To the storm that we
Have created by our acts
We have turned our world
From Eden to a dry tomb
The young enter the world
Of the living
We have overseen a massive collapse
While they are innocent
Awakening from the womb
Of the eternal
The moment they breathe
The clock begins ticking
Shall we deny them their due
Life is their inheritance
But the complications
Of our attachments
And desires
Make our promises untrue
We reach from the grave
And steal from their table
Poison their air
And foul their promise
Of hope
We've transcended our life's chalice
What was once an offer
Pregnant with life
Is now a track waiting
Until the end

I have written my own book about the subject