Sunday, May 29, 2016

Delicious torment

They despise
Their savior
Because of his birthplace
Not being Rome
Yes it is the truth
Glory may beckon
But over the years
Through to this moment
I've been aware
I'm not welcome
In the hall of heroes
No one celebrates
A triumph of my legion
My past is a litany of pain
My memory is a haze
Of grieving
Despite Empire saving actions
We receive no respect
But in time
Respect will become fear
And the people of Rome
With power
Will know
Who I am
And they will bring me
The laurels of victory
That I deserve
I know, I know
That there is more
Than being recognized
I just need to find
In my heart
From the deep
There within my darkness
The strength to overcome
Overwhelmed and falling to sleep
So that I might heal
In the fields of Elysium
I saw hope and heroes
The gods had waited
And prepared a table
For my arrival
But I was awakened
From my blissful slumber
By the winds of emotion
And bitter cold sorrow
When shouts of fear
From the outer provinces
The Gauls had flooded across the Po
There was nothing to stop them
From raping Rome
Everything beyond
Except my legion
They were here to reap
What we had sown
And now the Romans turn
To the one they had shown
No respect
And expect