Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paradise was lost

Paradise was a place lost to the world
With exquisite beauty and peaceful scenes
With glorious mountains and streams
Poseidon established it
And built the city of concentric circles
To make it great
A place of legends, it was
A place of dreams

But it was not just for the gods to linger in
Humans shared this place
For the gods longed for company
Their generous gifts were uncounted
The beauty came directly from grace
There were few rules but those were iron clad
No slaves were held, no wars fought
But not long since their arrival
The humans became bored
For perfection and morals
Did not excite them

And soon they overthrew the gods
Cast off the rules
Gathered gold and went to war
For they meant to be gods themselves
And other humans, in a lesser state
Were but fools
Atlantean galleys and triremes cut through the seas
Their soldiers took slaves
Made them cook, clean, and serve
Unlike their own freedom
The rest of humans were not meant to be free

But as high as they placed themselves
Atlantis would soon come down
Eventually the angry gods returned
And cast down those who had rebelled
Covered the land with waves
And all of the glory was drowned
Only to be seen in memory
Legends and history
Today only the ravens watch
Where this land used to be