Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Knight, Riding

(artwork by Jeffrey Catherine Jones)

His shield decked in the symbol
Of the Black Rose
Wearing the colors of the kingdom
Encased in steel
Bearing glorious banners
A knight rides to war
His steed a champion
Sturdy and ready
Having already fought battles together
By the score
The land waiting
Trembling in some ways
For the invasion is not yet begun
The kingdom ill prepared
The king had scorned those
Who warned him
Of the days to come
The knight rides to the horizon line
With his mind set
Of battles to be won
Of comrades needing his sword arm
Of armies needing his voice
And of his home, and kingdom
Needing his bravery in battle
His bones, his flesh and blood
Few could bear the price of honor
But the knight would