Saturday, March 31, 2012

I need, I want, I believe, Are not the same

Reality rages around me, sometimes despite me
Despite my best wishes
I want to be rich, handsome, famous
I want to be beloved, a poet of the ages
But I can only do what I am doing
And only can have done what is done
I don't believe that by believing I make things real
Reality plays its own part as writer, director, actors
But I believe that there is more to life than this stage
It is not an act of creation, but an act of awareness
I believe eternity exists, but I don't know what it is
I cannot explain, not at will or upon demand
Not from the limits of my flesh cage
I believe the cold, damp, grave awaits some
Heaven and Hell are beyond what I understand
But in the deepest part of my being
I know there is a soul
I know there is a God
And I know God is the architect of this reality
I know this by belief, not by seeing
But I know