Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arouses my senses

When I hear her voice
I feel safe
I feel warm
We have a bond that is rare

I love her scent, it moves me
She is all female
I know her scent by memory
Her passion is in the air

Her beauty amazes me
She is amazing
I am spellbound
When I am in her lair

Her kisses taste of honey, and chocolate
And love exquisite to the taste
She is passionate, adoring with kisses
When I am with her there

Her touch heals me
She feels me
Her fingers know me
And I know she cares

She arouses all my senses
Like no other could ever
She moves my heart by her being
She lowers my defenses
She soothes me
Makes me whole
By her presence
She completes me
Gives me
I need