Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wings broken

The winds blow against me
I am kept still
These wings do not lift
They are broken and weak
I am shattered
Take my prayers and keep them
When my time comes
I’ll be ready to leave
For I am aware of the cost
And the moment I calculate
What I’ve paid
For the opportunity I’ve had
It is far too expensive
I am waiting
Pensive and broken
Nothing able to satiate
The need for relief
Nothing able to shake
The desire
To be out of pain
To be done with this body
So much unspoken fear
So many years of anguish
Let it rain
Let the tears pour down
All around me
Surround me
Upon the ground
Still no doubt
Am I reaching out
Will I ever be found
Is someone searching
For me
Or am I abandoned
To my personal fate
My own oblivion