Friday, September 9, 2011

The Cost is too much

The walls will fall
This is certain
There can only be failure
No resistance
Rain without end
Without end
From the greatest tower
To the lowest village
Torrents of water
Torment again
No matter destiny
You cannot stop a flood
The deluge is beyond power
One is not enough
You cannot pay the debt
One cannot atone for the rest
of humanity
The cost is too great
We all fail that test
The time is now
The moment is here
This is the hour
When an accounting will be done
One cannot stop an event
Done in the past to another
One cannot change fate
However one may struggle
The only thing one can do
Is follow his own path
The journey is long
must never stop
The labors of a day never cease
you will never be God
No matter your belief
But you can reach for whatever is there
That moves you