Thursday, September 29, 2011

She never cared that she broke my heart

Could spend a lot of time in therapy
But it would do no good
Not for me
I could write a lot of songs
Sing them loud
But the thing that really hurts
The thing I think about
Is that she broke my heart
Took my soul
And spat it out
And doesn't care
Didn't matter to her
And now I am broken waiting
Never going to heal
Shattered totally
It doesn't matter to her
Just to me
And there is nothing I can do
To make her see
Just how cruel she was
And even when it happened
When I see the world I had before her
I am amazed
I didn't die right there
Right then
I was flattened
Ruined by loving her
The time is just a blur
And she doesn't care