Sunday, September 11, 2011

When the End comes, I will not be here

I am neither Cain nor Abel
I was alone here
The fault and flaw were my own
After the repast of my life
It was at end
A shameful recount of all before me
No one embraced
Nothing but my own tears to taste
My infected flesh lay cold upon the table
The skin gray and lifeless
The dissection of the body
Terminal ending place
No singing angels
Stainless steel and reflective
My decay so endless
Nothing to confuse the issue
Why shed tears over waste
All can see that this life was lost
From the first moment
That this body was broken
That the mind was unstable
No loss really, no hateful spew
The cranial scan is empty
A solemn moment
Bidding farewell to the flesh
But the memories are already passed
Along with that final breath