Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The moment of knowing

You never get the moment back
When you saw everything fall
All your dreams negated
You lost everything in life
No such thing as fate
And all you are is broken
As life retaliates
Whatever you did that was hopeless
Whatever you did that was born of fear
Becomes a seed malignant
Becomes the fruit of tears
I stand before the altar
Of humanity and modernity
But do not kneel or bow
I am unrepairably broken
I am fallen
I am flawed
Made to be silent
In the face of my fears
But I exist
I resist
I am alive despite the wounds
I go on
I have purpose
And I will be broken more
But life is a journey
Not a battle to be won
And I will not stop walking
Until this pilgrimage is over
Until my day is done