Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Made the Thorns

You made the thorns that wounded you
You made the wood that suspended you
As you were kept aloft
Through the pain
And yet
You made all things
With clay you create
You make us day by the day
With your reign,
Comes a rain of blood
Follows the tears of the flood
Raining down upon me
Until we are gone
Done until we are reborn
In the morning
As born to every day
When you speak
We are begun
Made of Godspark
And clay
There is nothing new
Under the sun
But reborn
Filled with love
And dust
Hope and trust
Reborn with the morning
You create
With untold magnificence
You love
With untold mercy
With your hand
And you are
Beyond our knowledge
For you are beyond
All we can understand