Friday, February 25, 2011

Kneeling before you

Let me breathe anew so that there is only you
Inside my chest, let me catch the scent
of your perfume
I long to be in your presence,
to be in your sway
I long to be your treasured,
I long to be so far from here
So far away, with you
You are the light in my eyes
And will never flicker
I am alone without you near
Within a crowd of a thousand people
without you, it is quiet
In my heart without you here
I am desolate
You completed me
Upon the day
And though
I fail, am the perfect flaw
My heart remains
Holding you
You are all
I long for
And without you
I fail
Burning within
I fall upon my knees
Pray to breathe
Exhale the toxins
Inhale you
Exhale my sins
Let your will prevail
In my heart
Upon my knees
I wait for you